It takes a village
to raise a child.

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Bring out the best in your kids.

Shabam makes your child's access to their smart device contingent on performing tasks you can specify (chores, homework, etc...). Every time they do a good deed, they earn time in their 'timebank' which allows them to unlock their device and enjoy their favorite games and apps. Check out the video above for a demo of the parent and child versions of Shabam in action.


Such a great program you have put together. My son just said: "I have been begging for this in my dreams and I am going to behave now that I have my own computer" :-).  Thanks so much. --Jill

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit us today!! Shabam is up and running in our household!!! The kids are enjoying earning time for electronics!  I am enjoying all the help I am getting from them!!! I hope it continues!! --Laura

The kids are super motivated. And they LOVE the "texting" option :) We're pretty vocal (some might say strict) when it comes to tech use, but that's the great thing about this.  Even if tech use isn't a huge issue, it's still a fantastic incentive for kids. As parents, it's great to have a system in place that "keeps you honest," so to speak.  I know I get lazy in my consistency, which creates bad habits in the kiddos behavior/personal responsibility.  I'm just as excited for Jared and I to have this system as a reminder to us to stay positive & consistent as I am for the kids to have these incentives. --Jana

I love Shabam ...use it with my grandchildren, ages 3 - 12 ...the program encourages positive behavior and positive attitudes ...they ASK for things to do in order to earn more time on their tablets ...even the 3 year old, though I reward him as soon as he earns a few minutes ....the older kids accrue minutes so they have more time to play ...its a "win-win" program ...--Nana

As a busy parent of three children ages 9, 10, and 11, two diagnosed with ADHD, I highly recommend ShaBAM! Shabam is a really great, very easy, parent friendly, and fun  app to use. I can already foresee using this app for years to come so our children will understand our family technology policy as teenagers. --Robyn

Install Shabam on you and your child's devices.
Reward and consequence your children with screen time, based on behavior.
Experience peace of mind knowing your children are using devices responsibly.

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